Computer Technologies In Postsecondary Education for
Students With Disabilities /

Technologies informatiques dans l'éducation
postsecondaire des étudiants ayant des incapacités

Catherine Fichten, Maria Barile, Jennison Asuncion,

Darlene Judd, Christian Généreux, Iris Alapin, Myrtis Fossey, Chantal Robillard,

Jason Lavers, & Jean-Pierre Guimont

Adaptech Project, Dawson College

Affiliations: Dawson College, Jewish General Hospital, McGill University,

Concordia University, UQAM, Université de Montréal

1999, Nov.


Presentation on behalf of the Office of Learning Technologies at the TeleLearning '99 Conference, Montréal, Québec. Available Oct. 29, 1999 on the World Wide Web: (PowerPoint & text slide show); (Adobe Acrobat); (HTML)


Goals: AdaptCan Study


Evaluate computer technologies in the postsecondary education of students with disabilities




Phase 1: Obtained broad notions about key issues of interest via 4 focus groups

Phase 2: Compared student and service provider viewpoints via semi-structured phone interviews

Phase 3: Fully explored the key issues and tested hypotheses in a questionnaire study


Highlights of Results


Most students with disabilities use computer technologies to help them succeed (95% of our sample)


Recommendations, Dissemination, and Funding


The full report discusses the findings and makes specific recommendations directed at four groups






 Ongoing Research

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