Improving Access to Computer Technologies For Students With Disabilities: The "Accessibility of Campus Computers: Disability Services Scale" (ACCdss)


We studied the computer and adapted computer technologies needs and concerns of more than 200 Canadian individuals responsible for providing services to college and university students with disabilities. Goals were (1) to find out about aspects of instructional technology access and to determine the predictors of how well, overall, the computer and adaptive computer technology needs of students with disabilities are met at the respondent's institution, and (2) to develop and validate a self-evaluation tool to assess the quality of institutional computer accessibility: the "Accessibility of Campus Computers: Disability Services Scale" (ACCdss). The ACCdss Scale and findings from our study will be presented and issues related to electronic accommodation of students with disabilities will be discussed.


Fossey, M., Fichten, C.S., Robillard, C., Lamb, D., Asuncion, J., Barile, M., Judd, D., Généreux, C., & Guimont, J.P.


EvNet Conference, 2001, Mont Tremblant, Quebec.