Citation: Fichten, C.S., Asuncion, J.V. & Barile, M. (2002). Guidelines for student success: Best practices in the use of educational technologies for learners with disabilities. Dawson Student Success Newsletter, 1(3), 2. (Abstracted by EDUCAUSE No. CSD1546

Guidelines for Student Success: Best Practices In The Use Of Educational Technologies For Learners With Disabilities

Catherine S. Fichten, Jennison V. Asuncion, Maria Barile
Adaptech Project, Dawson College, Montreal
November, 2001

The best practices listing that follows is based on findings from our empirical studies of the computer technology needs and concerns of more than 800 Canadian postsecondary students with disabilities. For more information, visit our bilingual Adaptech Project web site:

It is important to note that our data suggest that providing good access to computer technologies for students with disabilities is beneficial for ALL students